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Educational Debt is a serious problem that many Americans face today. The Student Loan Relief Organization provides a wide array of consulting services from default resolution to college planning for over six years. When dealing with student loans a borrower should be as informed as possible about their situation, especially because student loans do not have standard consumer protection like other debts. SLRO is an industry leader in consumer student loan servicing and has helped many overcome their issue(s).



Student loan default resolution is our specialty for both federal and private loans. In cases of default, the borrower is often required to make concessions which may be unrealistic, given his or her financial situation. The purpose of SLRO is to aid student loan borrowers by providing them options to resolve their obligations. We present solutions that are both reasonable and affordable to the debtor. Our services are intended to prevent delinquency as well as further collection efforts. Within the last few years, the federal government has boosted its collection efforts, and student loans, both federal and private, are mostly nondischargeable in bankrupty. SLRO has stepped up to meet the needs of the borrower.



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